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What the World and Especially Dairy Producers Need to Understand About the Dairy Industry.

For the first time in nearly 5 years, dairy producers are today being paid a price for the milk they bring to the market that more accurately mirrors what it actually costs to produce the milk on the farm in a 21st century. What it actually costs the dairy farmers of this country to produce a hudred weight of milk remains a highly debated subject, as we are told time and time again by producers; "every dairy producer’s circumstances are differentand it is almost impossible to put one number on milk production costs." Not to mention that the numbers from the "farm production" of milk don’t truly reflect the “total costs” for each producer and every hundred weight of milk. Read more

A Look at the New Dairy Margin Protection Program

The new farm bill includes major changes to traditional dairy programs, but the USDA rules and regulations are still being written. According to the language in the farm bill the new program is to be in place no later than September 1, 2014. (Thus, our analysis of this new program is subject to change when the new rules are actually put in place.). Read more

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National Dairy Producers Organization Producers Voice

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